Friday, February 8, 2013

The Reichenbach Fall

Okay, so I've recently been watching some hilarious song related YouTube things of Sherlock, and found a couple tonight that talk about how he faked his death.  The one I'm currently watching mentions the black ball that he's bouncing against the wall before he goes to the roof to meet Moriarty.  People have said that Sherlock would have no noticeable pulse if he stuck that ball under his arm and held it there.  Except, watch the ending of that episode.  Watch him up on the roof with Moriarty, and then when he's standing there, after dropping the phone.  There's no way that with all that movement, that the ball idea would still be a valid one.

I'm ready to dig out the episode again.  For one thing, I wanna see if I can get a good look at the biker.  Someone suggested that that was actually Sherlock, but I'm doubting it.  However, someone else mentioned an original Holmes story, the Priory School?  Something like that, that has a plot similar to the kidnapped children in this episode.

I must speculate further . . .

God, I can't wait till season 3.  I swear, I don't care if I can only play them on my computer, I'm gonna buy the next season off amazon UK when it comes out so I don't have to wait five months before the episodes come to America.

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