Friday, October 27, 2017

"I'd be lost without my blogger!"

I haven't written in here in quite some time. Apparently since Abominable Bride premiered on TV. Since then, season four has come out, both on TV and on DVD, which I watched faithfully, and then purchased, because even though the action was a bit over the top, I nevertheless thought the season was terrific. I'll go back soon and rewatch them so I can give a more detailed explanation.

What else has happened in my life? Well, in December 2015, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an article about who could be the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi, and it was talking about the idea of a woman Doctor. (Which I am thoroughly against, but that'll be a subject for a later entry.) Anyway, of course, there were the polarized comments, some absolutely for, some furiously against, and then the joking ones, one of which I responded to. It said something about how "why not just have a teenager be the Doctor? He can go through puberty while traveling time and space!" I said that Matt Smith was something like 28 when he was picked as the Doctor, wasn't that young enough? When I checked back later, I had a reply to what I'd said, correcting me on Matt Smith's age. Turns out he was 26. Well, the guy, Kevin, who had corrected me and I exchanged a few more comments, I checked out his profile, and figured, "What the heck? Let's Friend him." So I did, he accepted, and I didn't expect anything more to come of it. He lives in Michigan, I'm in New Jersey, I thought we'd be the kind of Facebook friends who might comment Doctor Who stuff to one another occasionally, maybe we'd message once in a blue moon, but that'd be it.

Boy, was I wrong! We actually wound up meeting in person in November of 2016, because Long Island has a Doctor Who convention, and Kevin's favorite Doctor was going to be there. (Paul McGann, Eighth Doctor.) As well as Five, Six, Nick Briggs, and several others. The convention was great, and I even got him to sort of cosplay, because I had an Eighth Doctor coat made for him by someone I work with.

We also knew that we were interested romantically in one another, but neither of us declared anything in November, mostly because there were still issues to work through, and we both had to really decide if we wanted to try a long distance relationship. Yes, we visit one another, but it's every few months, and plane tickets aren't cheap. Yes, the drive can be made, but it takes in excess of twelve hours, and lemme tell you, doing it alone is NOT a fun thing!

But in February, we decided to take that leap, and we've been a couple since. Not without our bumps and issues, but we're working through them. We were able to see one another for a weekend in June because of a convention in DC called Awesome Con. We got to meet John Barrowman (me for the second time,) Catherine Tate, and Kevin got to meet Stan Lee.

Then we had a nice long visit in July where I got to celebrate my birthday with not only my boyfriend, but ALL of my best friends in the same place at the same time. So yeah, that was awesome.

In September, I went out to visit Kevin for his birthday, and that was a lot of fun. Got to see his nephew, who is two and a half and absolutely adorable.

Earlier this month, I went to NYCC because Peter Capaldi was there, and I figured, "what the heck? He may not be my favorite Doctor, but I did love his Christmas Specials." And let me tell you. He'll never be my favorite Doctor, but as a person, that man is the warmest, friendliest, sweetest man I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. The appreciation for his fans just exudes from him, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to be in his presence, to get his autograph, and to get a photo op with him. (In said photo op, he's holding my electric guitar and my boyfriend's Twelve Sonic.)

As of now, I'm two semesters away from graduating with my Bachelor's in English, I'm trying to go back to working on either my Afflictions trilogy, my Holmes novel concerning Jack the Ripper, or the new YA novel inspired by Kevin called North of Normal. It's about the friendship and possible relationship that develops between a girl and the new guy in school, a guy nammed Kurt who has Asperger's, an autism spectrum disorder. (Yes, Kevin is on the spectrum. Diagnosed at nine with Asperger's. It makes things interesting at times in our relationship, but it also gives me new ways to look at things.)

Next year is going to see more visits with him, at least three conventions, if not more, my graduating with my Bachelor's, and hopefully a lot more writing.

Here are the links to my first two Holmes books, Rendezvous at the Populaire and I Will Find the Answer, and happy reading, everyone. :)