Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More on Jack of All Trades

I really should make it a point to write on here more often.  I've been busy lately, with the last few weeks of the fall semester in December, then my day job, babysitting for a friend of mine's daughter to try and make things easier for her after their house was damaged in the hurricane, and all in all, I just felt completely uninspired to write.

But then, several weeks ago, I started drawing stuff, including some pictures for co-workers of mine (which came out really cool, if I do say so myself,) and I knew it was only a matter of time before creative writing juices started flowing again.

They haven't, completely.  I haven't really written anything new to further complete Jack of All Trades, but I started typing it up.  Once I have that done, I'll have familiarized myself with the novel enough again that I'll be able to continue the handwritten version and finish it.  Then comes the editing process, which I hope won't take more than a month to complete.  Then, it'll finally be published.  I'm not sure what kind of timeline it'll take me to finish typing and then finish the handwritten version, so I hesitate to give a month when the book'll actually be out, but it is coming.

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