Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hounds of Baskerville

How great is the part where John walks up on the couple having sex in the car?  :)

And when Sherlock finds out Lestrade's name is Greg?

I thought this was a great way to modernize the novel of Hound of the Baskervilles.  The military base, the drug released through vapor, Sherlock doubting himself . . .  It had all the terrific elements.

Yet . . .

For all there being terrific one liners and a great modernization, I don't know.  I somehow felt that this was a lesser episode.  And I noticed an interesting inconsistency.  In The Great Game, Sherlock says that if the case Mycroft wants Sherlock to inspect is so important, he should have cancelled his dentist appointment, and comments to John that "Mycroft never texts if he can talk.  He cements this later when Mycroft texts John and Sherlock says, "Oh, it must be a root canal."

Yet, the first time they're in the lab and Mycroft realizes his security has been breached, he texts Sherlock, not calls.  Now I realize this could be because Mycroft will have put together that Sherlock is in a delicate position, but at the same time, I don't think it would have prevented him from calling.

I just find that an interesting little inconsistency.  Did anyone else catch that?

I'll have to see the episode a few more times, and watch it in sequence with the others, to truly say why I feel it is a lesser episode than the others.  Perhaps my expectations were inordinately raised because of what I saw last week and what I expect to see next week.

I hope to have a longer blog about this episode soon, but until then, I leave you with this thought:

Anybody else think of Disco points and Moriarty's ringtone when they see this pic?  Just wondering.  :)


  1. Actually he only texts because he is most likely in the Diogenes Club. It's forbidden to speak there, even if you are the british government

  2. Perhaps, the series makers want to pay a tribute to the well-known inconsistencies in the canon via the inconsistencies pointed out in your post.

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  3. You know, I didn't think of either of those possibilities. And they do tip their hats to enough other things in the Canon. Good thoughts. Thank you! :)

  4. I thought I was the only one who caught this,