Friday, May 18, 2012

House Predictions

Okay, so I know House isn't specifically Sherlock Holmes, but let's face it: everyone by now knows that he's based on Holmes.

Unfortunately, I didn't seen the episode where 13 came back, so I admit, this could be a bit outdated of a guess for what happens.  However, even though I was a season off, I did call it that House was going to be driven insane.

The last episode I saw was the one where the morgue doctor cut into his own head and it turned out that his diagnosis had something to do with industrial strength soap.

I can't help feeling like what happens in the end, in the last episode, is that Wilson is going to die, and instead of wasting away from cancer, he asks House to assist him in suicide.  House, unable to deal with facing life without his best (and possibly only) friend, decides that after he does this for Wilson, he's going to kill himself, too.  When he does, Chase becomes the new head of the team.

Or possibly, Chase or 13 or someone saves House from dying by his own hand, but he's comatose, and again, Chase takes the lead and the final patient is House, and it's them trying to save him.

Two more days until The Reichenbach Fall!!!  I'm gonna be obsessing over this episode.  I've already pre-ordered my Sherlock Season 2 DVD.  :)

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