Saturday, April 21, 2012

Save Undershaw

I've been thinking lately about "Save Undershaw."  For anyone who doesn't know, Undershaw is the house in England where Arthur Conan Doyle lived for a time in his life, and also wrote parts of, I believe it was Hound of the Baskervilles, as well as some of the other Holmes short stories.  It has fallen into disrepair and a group is trying to raise money to have it refurnished so that it doesn't get turned into a hotel, I think it is, therefore changing the inside irrevocably.

I admit, I haven't looked into this issue as much as I should be, but honestly, I'd like to have more information.  I wish I had the ability to go to England and see Undershaw.  Or just visit England, because I'm a huge Beatles fan as well as Sherlock Holmes.

Anyway, I think that this house should be preserved as it was.  Too many things are just tossed by the wayside now, in favor of 'modern wonders.'  There should be more care taken with things from the past, especially when they've housed such creative minds.  It's ironic that so many should remember Conan Doyle for a character he ended up hating because he felt said character overshadowed the more serious writing/other characters that he authored.  Yet I think that everyone who is a fan of Sherlock Holmes can appreciate the need to preserve things of the past.  For us Holmes fans/fanatics/obsessors, it's always Victorian England, circa 1880-odd.

Okay, I did want to write more, but unfortunately, I'm being interrupted by my hyper little parrot who doesn't seem to want to sit quietly on my shoulder.  Instead, he wants to climb everywhere, including on my head, which wouldn't be so bad, if he didn't then lean over and try to preen my eyelashes...

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